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The Anne McCaffrey Track at Dragon*Con

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The official Anne McCaffrey fan track at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA
Weyrfest is the home of the annual Anne and Todd McCaffrey fan track at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia. This year, Dragon*Con will run from September 4-7. We hope you'll join us!

This community is designed as a forum for fans to discuss their Weyrfest plans, share their stories about past years, coordinate with other attendees, and ask questions of the Weyrfest staff. It's also the place where staff will post updates about scheduling, guests, and location. This page is meant largely to replace our current Yahoo! Groups community as the foremost means of sharing up-to-date information about our track.

We look forward to seeing you on Labor Day weekend!

Community Rules: Read These First!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to sign up to read and post here! We ask members be mindful of only a few simple rules to keep our community fun, constructive, and on-topic.

  • For the time being, all posts are unmoderated, but flaming, trolling, and spamming will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Moderators reserve the right to remove flagrantly offensive posts without warning. Violators of this rule may be restricted or banned without warning.

  • Members 16 and older should be mindful that Weyrfest does have guests under the age of 14. While many of Anne's novels have adult themes, please keep explicit language to a minimum.

  • Members under 16 should be mindful that there are adult themes in Anne's novels, and discussion may occasionally turn to subjects of sex or violence. Please exercise discretion in reading these topics.

  • Please stay on-topic. Try not to discuss Dragon*Con in general unless it's pertaining to the Weyrfest track. Those seeking general D*C discussion may try the dragoncon community.

  • This is not a fan fiction community. There are many, many communities on LiveJournal dedicated to roleplaying in Anne's many universes. This is not one of them. Do not plug your Weyr's upcoming flight or hatching. Do not post fan fiction.

  • Please keep book discussion to a minimum. This is in the interest of making important Weyrfest information as visible as possible. There are many places to discuss the nuances of Anne's novels. We particularly recommend the Anne McCaffrey Fans Forum.

  • Comments from anonymous users will be screened.

  • When relevant, keep spoilers under lj-cuts. If you're not sure how to do this, check the LJ FAQ.

    That's it, really. Exercise common sense: don't say anything here you wouldn't say in the Weyrfest room! Go forth and post!