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Sep. 22nd, 2010



Hey mods! Spam, we has it!

We've got some rancid, viral, adult spam here. This crap is becoming freaking epidemic! Don't click on it either...it's a redirect to nasty adware!

Sep. 13th, 2010


My humble photo contributions


In the future I'll remember to take pictures for everyone else too.  I've never gotten in the habit myself.  But here are the ones I did take.

Sep. 11th, 2010



Weyrfest 2010 Pics & Video (Now featuring Delphic Oracle)

If I'm on your Facebook friends list go crazy and look at them there, otherwise go to cid-9a95795ddb2a94ee.photos.live.com/play.aspx/DragonCon%202010 - All Photos on Windows Live Skydrive

As Promised Footage from the Delphic Oracle Panel, Hosted by Todd - This was a Hoot! Split into 3 parts to allow for Youtube size limits, footage ends about 5-10 minutes before the end as unfortunately I ran out of camera memory (Damn Parade ;) )

Delphic Oracle Part 1 -
Delphic Oracle Part 2 -
Delphic Oracle Part 3 -

There will also be video of the Track that Sang, filmed by Jenny aka BM on several camera's, this will be appearing subject to approval by Todd. (It's a performance of copyrighted material so I want his permission to upload it, but he hasn't responded to my email yet)



Hisham El-Far



Aug. 24th, 2010

choose your redhead, elf


Behold: The Schedule!

Yeah, I know, I was going to post this the other day. Tell that to RL, which wants nothing better than to see me weeping in a corner of my own fractured mind.

Our guests this year include our loyal, lovable Todd McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye, plus the long-awaited return of Elizabeth Moon! Artist-author duo Janny Wurts and Don Maitz will also be joining us for the second year in a row, and yes: Emerald Rose is making an appearance at our little gather on Saturday night! Our costume and trivia contests are back, as are Dragon Poker, Dragon Sex (chicka ow wow), and the Todd-moderated game "Are you a Weyrwolf?" We've also got live readings from our guests, interesting new panels covering topics from several AMC series... and I have it on good authority the firelizard queen who clutched 15 eggs last year is gravid again. You're definitely not going to want to miss out this year!

As always (and as I said last year, verbatim), we have a dearth of panelists, and welcome -- nay, ENCOURAGE -- volunteers from among you, our adoring fans, to share what you know with a captive audience. For that matter, we're still looking for participants in our live dramatic reading of "The Ship Who Sang" as adapted by Todd McCaffrey! If you see a panel you'd be interested in sitting on, please drop a note in the comments section, or fire off an email to me at spiderwriter[at]gmail[dot]com. The more the merrier!

All panels are in Vinings, in the Hyatt, unless indicated otherwise.

Friday, September 3Collapse )

Saturday, September 4Collapse )

Sunday, September 5Collapse )

Monday, September 6Collapse )

Updates could happen at any time, so check back for the latest information!

Aug. 19th, 2010



The Track Who Sang: NOW CASTING!

Tomorrow I'm posting our schedule. YA RLY. But before I do that, I need to recruit you, our loyal fans, to participate in this REALLY AWESOME THING we're doing.

Okay. So you guys all know The Ship Who Sang, right? Of course you do.

Well, Todd, everyone's favorite kilted Californian, took it upon himself to adapt TSWS (not to be confused with TWSS; look it up) into a play just for us! Well, okay, it's not a play so much as a live dramatic reading, but that's basically a play, right? Yeah. YEAH.

So what do we need? Readers!

You will not need to:
  • Have read TSWS
  • Be an actor
  • Memorize anything
  • Sing

You will need to:
  • Be confident and enthusiastic enough to dramatize to a room full of people for an hour
  • Be available for rehearsals before the show (times TBD; probably evenings)
  • Be available for the ACTUAL show, which will be Sunday, September 5 at 5:30pm.

The major roles have already been filled, but we're still looking for plenty of secondary characters. Here's what we have, and here's what we need:

Narrator 1: Todd McCaffrey
Narrator 2: Gloria Adams-Hanley
Helva: Angel Adams
Jennan: Loren Armitage
Sylvia: Charlotte Moore (yes, that's me)

Woman Visitor: Open
Man Visitor: Open
Tanner: Open -- Male
Cencom: Open -- Male or Female
Norsden: Open -- Male
Spica: Open -- Female
Reverend Mother: Open
Central: Open -- Male or Female

If you'd like to participate, please EMAIL ME (that's spiderwriter[at]gmail[dot]com) your full name and the part you're interested in, and I will send you a copy of the script.

First come, first served! When we have the final cast, I'll be sure to post the list!

15 days left, people! WHOOOOO!

May. 9th, 2010

cute nerd, pointy ears


Re: Twitter

Also, I have done it. I have put Weyrfest on Twitter.

I know most of you guys are like, "Aaaagh, Twitter bad, Facebook/LiveJournal good!" But it's like this: I'm lazy. And busy. Lazy AND busy. What's THAT all about? It's a cruel, cruel paradox, but like it or not, it's the reality. Sitting down to write out a big ol' blog entry summing up the last few weeks or months of progress can be lame -- especially when there's not much going on to report!

On the other hand, with Twitter I can fire off 140 character updates pretty much whenever, wherever.

There's one very important reason why this is an advantage to You, The Fan: The Dragon*Con host hotels don't have free WiFi. If you want Internet access at the Marriott or wherever, it'll cost you $13 a day -- and even if you're paying it, you're not likely to get a signal in the bowels of the convention.

That means if you're relying on LJ for last-minute updates, you might be out of luck. On the other hand, if you've got a smart phone and a 3G signal, you can get the news as we bring it to you -- wherever you are in Atlanta. Awesome guest make an unannounced cameo at a panel? We'll tweet it. A panel been canceled or moved? Tweet tweet! You'll know as soon as we do. And hey! If you're not on Twitter but have an RSS reader you like, you can pipe our tweets into your Smart Device of Choice that way.

The birds are singing, minions. Heed their melodious call!

(If you doubt me, I'll have you know that Todd, Jody, and Elizabeth Moon are ALL on Twitter: they're @toddric, @JodyLynnNye, and @emoontx, respectively.)

More seriously: the fact of the matter is community blogs like LJ are kind of going out of style. As smart phones get cheaper and our attention span grows ever shorter, more and more people are migrating to services like Twitter. I know it may not seem fair, but the hard truth is that at giant-ass cons like Dragon*Con, numbers make a difference. Our track can't survive without attendees. And we can't get attendees if they don't know where to find us!

So. For those of you not on the ol' Twitter, never fear: the LJ will continue, and pretty soon the new official Dragon*Con Weyrfest site will be another resource for you to get all the good stuff on guests and scheduling.

But for you ADD Millennials like me -- all y'all who need to know NOW RIGHT NOW TELL ME RIGHT NOW -- Anne McCaffrey's Worlds is now live on Twitter as weyrfest. Come follow us and stuff!


New site is new! Old site is gone away, gone ah... well, you know.

Yeah, so remember how I was all, "I want to set up a WordPress site so we don't suck anymore!"?

Funny thing about that.

Turns out Dragon*Con has been snooping around in my brain again. For all us lame-os who don't have sites to speak of, they're doing -- that's right -- WordPress sites hosted on the Dragon*Con .org! w00t! and w00t! the sequel, am I right?

And, FYI: our own .org, www.weyrfest.org, is no longer active. It was generously financed by our previous director, Steve, but since he's not doing that anymore, I suspect he wants to spend his money on something less agonizing, like, I don't know, sclera tattoos or something.

--I kid, I kid. Directing does not equate to suffering AT ALL. *cough*

(We suffer because we love, children. We suffer because we love.)


That's not there anymore, so I'm removing all our links to it. When our NEW officially hosted Dragon*Con site is up, I promise I will announce it in big letters like this so all shall know of its glory. Keep those eyeballs open!

Mar. 21st, 2010



Dragons and crystals and Talents, oh my!

So I'm about to get to work on this whole Wordpress thing (don't worry: once it's set up, I'll stream it to LJ), and I find myself asking a bunch of questions that I'd love to have y'all help me answer.

The past few years, we've been officially branding ourselves in D*C's program as "Anne McCaffrey's Worlds" -- and while it's not as catchy or short as "Weyrfest," it does have two advantages: 1) It puts us near the top of the program, which lists tracks alphabetically, and 2) It emphasizes that our track is about more than just Pern, even though that particular series continues to dominate our programming for obvious reasons.

So, while your mileage may vary, I'd really like to redo our logo to accommodate this change. Frankly, I'd want to redo it even if we were just staying "Weyrfest"; it's a great logo, but we've been using it for at least 10 years!

I like the idea of keeping a dragon as the dominant feature of the logo, and there are advantages to it clutching a shield -- a shield could become a seal, with icons of, say, a black crystal, a winged horse, a spaceship, etc. On the other hand, it's got the potential to become very busy, and-- well, it's not all that creative an idea. ;>

In addition to that, I'd potentially like to create a banner or header for our WordPress page. It would be more expansive than just a logo, and would have a lot more potential for pictures and iconic representations of the various AMC series.

So my question is: What does "Anne McCaffrey" mean to you?

Do you have any thoughts about what you'd like to see in a new logo? Colors, themes, layouts, etc.? I know not everyone is an artist, but I also know that most of you have very strong ideas about what characters look like, what worlds look like, what idea or image encapsulates a given series. Okay: a dragon could represent Pern, a black crystal could represent the Crystal Singer books. But what about the Talent series, the Freedom series? Spaceships? Barque cats? Horses? When I say "Petaybee," what comes to mind?

Keep in mind that logos need to be simple, memorable, and have universal appeal. So, for instance: a Pern dragon and Pegasus are significant to current fans and potential AMC fans. We see the Pernishness of the dragon and the allegorical significance of Pegasus; everyone else just sees a dragon and a winged horse and think, "Hey, that looks cool; I wonder what that track is all about." On the other hand, loo cows are hilarious and awesome, but putting one in a logo would be meaningless to anyone not already reading the books.

Just something to think about while we're brainstorming!

I'm going to start working on a few sketches, and eventually I'll end up making some executive decisions about what to include and what to exclude. But please, PLEASE share your own descriptions, sketches, and thoughts about things you'd like to see in any graphical representations of our schizophrenic little track. :>

Mar. 18th, 2010



Tweet tweet!

Attention minions, readers!

2010 is well underway, and that means pretty soon we'll need to start seriously thinking about this year's panels and so on. But before we even do THAT, I want to bounce a few things off you guys.

Because this is The Future and there's no reason we need to be doing business like it's still 1999, I'm seriously considering tearing down our .com website -- which is sad and underused anyway -- and consolidating all our schtuff into, you know, a Wordpress blog or something. Were I to do that, I would be sure to make sure it streams here to LJ, so all you crazy kids could still follow along like nothing had changed. :> But I think we can all agree that it's nice to get new victims friends when and wherever possible, and one of my responsibilities is to facilitate that, so I'll do all kinds of crazy crap to get and retain interest in our little track!

One of the things I'm thinking about is starting up a Twitter account for Weyrfest. I realize most of you probably aren't Twittererer...ers... but quite a lot of people (including yours truly) are -- and maybe some of the rest of you could be converted. ;> It would be a really fast, convenient way to shoot out updates, and to post commentary or last-minute critical information during the con itself.

But I ask: IS that something any of y'all see yourselves using? Would you use it less or more than our blog? What other suggestions do you have for the future of our web presence?

Meanwhile: if you're not already, be thinking about what you'd like to see at Weyrfest this year! We're going to need to get the bare bones of a schedule together in the not-too-distant future, and you all know how I aim to pander please!

Dec. 30th, 2009

mata hari


RIP Ian Stewart, 1958-2009.

While many of you may already have learned about this from the AMC fan forums, Facebook, or friends, and while I apologize for my belatedness, I wanted to go ahead and share this piece of sad news with the Weyrfest community. On the morning of December 27th, Ian Michael Stewart passed away from complications related to pneumonia.

A host in the Anne McCaffrey Fan Forums and a longtime member of the AMC fan community, Ian, his wife Colette, and Colette's twin sister Jennifer yearly made the long journey from the UK to attend Dragon*Con in Atlanta. We often conscripted him to fill out the thin ranks of the male half of our costume contest -- and because Ian was such a nice guy, he never put up a fight. Many of our attendees will remember him for his great costumes, his love of music, and the perpetual presence of those colored sunglasses. Despite his gentleness and soft-spoken affability, Ian had a wicked sense of humor and a tendency to leave a trail of friends in his wake.

Although there are ongoing remembrances in the Anne McCaffrey Fan Forum and A Meeting of Minds, all are encouraged to share stories and photos here. The family has asked that any donations be made to the The British Heart Foundation in his honor.

Clear skies, buddy. We'll all miss the hell out of you.

Photo courtesy of Sran at AMCF.

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