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cavaticat in weyrfest

AMCW on Facebook!

There is a big fat update post -- including the schedule! -- forthcoming a little later today. In the meantime, I got off my ass and made a Facebook page! ya rly!

It would be pretty rad if you crazy kids could go and add your likes, and then maybe, you know. Add your pictures and stories and art and what not. Imagine: all of that Perny goodness in one place. It shall be glorious!

Edit: Updated our URL from a tinyURL to our officially shortened FB URL! Hopefully this will resolve any linking problems.


Can you say what you called the FB page, because when I click on "made a FB page" above, it takes me to my home page for some reason.
Weird. You can either try facebook.com/weyrfest instead, or just look up "Weyrfest" in your FB search bar. :>
Found it - thx!