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materpenitentia in weyrfest

Biggest Event Other than Anne being at con this year

Costume Contest !!!
Remember last year Jody said that if we get 20 participant she would put the winner's name in a book, which is pretty amazing, So I hope everyone shows up to the costume contest and if you need shoulder knots or badges for a pern character my sister does custom made ones and you can contact her at manxldy@yahoo.com. But no matter what make sure you make it to this event in a costume from any of Anne's worlds to count and we can really pull together.


I'm so sorry to disappoint, but we won't be doing a costume contest this year! :( There simply hasn't been enough interest in recent years, and with Anne coming this time, our scheduling and resources are very tight -- there really wasn't time to schedule it that would be good for us AND good for Jody.

You should, of course, absoLUTELY dress up! We definitely, definitely want people to march in the parade with us, and the snazzier we look, the better! :D
Oh, I was going by what was announce last year by Jody. I can't march in the parade with my illnesses.