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silvanus4031 in weyrfest

Dragon Con Parade

Greetings all!

I and my wife have been coming to Dragon Con every other year now since 2005 and love it! Although I may be just a bit bias I think the folks of the Anne McCaffrey's Worlds Track (AKA Weyr Fest) are some of the best! 

The last time we came (2009) we were given the honor of carrying the banner for the group in the Dragon Con parade, I noticed then that it might be easier to carry the sign if it were attached (non-permanently) to a pole of some sort. 

This year we will have a little weyrling in tow so we will be driving to Atlanta and thus have a bit more room to bring stuff.  If nobody minds I would like to fashion something to carry the sign and to help make it more visible to folks in the crowd.  (This is by no means a bid to carry the banner again this year, just to make it easier for whoever does get chosen).
All I would need are the dimensions of the banner and what material it is made of (I remember it being a light weight cloth last time).  If that sounds good pass the word on to me here or tweet me on twitter (Silvanus). 


Assuming it's the banner I made in 2003ish, it's made out of a twin sized bed sheet (the short side, not the long side.) It was originally carried with a broom stick and is constructed to do so (there's a channel sewn into the top to put something like that through.)
Thanks! That gives me the length and an idea of diameter for the pole.
Although I just realized I guess I should ask if we need a new sign. The official name of the track is now "Anne McCaffrey's Worlds" correct? If so were there any designs in the works for a new one.

I mean I understand the change from Weyrfest to Anne McCaffrey's Worlds since the track is about all things McCaffrey (I do like seeing it higher up on the list of groups) and I will always think of the track as Werfest, but I am guessing for consistancy a new sign may be in order.

If there is nothing in the works my wife and I might be able to come up with something if so desired.
It would be terrific if we had a new sign, but we kind of love the one that we have, and I don't have a lot of time/resources to design new signage.

Of course, if anyone wants to take the challenge upon themselves, that would be great. ;> But otherwise, I can run home tonight and take the exact dimensions of the current sign, if you'd still like to rig something up for that (which would be AWESOME and super-cool of you).
I am a big fan of the current sign as well, just making sure that it was going to be the same one this year ;)

topayz4 gave me a good idea of the dimensions so I do have something to work with, although being a surveyor I would not mind exact measurements when you get a chance. Rigging something up will not be a problem.

And while I can not promise anything, I will discuss making a new sign with my wife tonight. I just did not want to step on anybody's toes just in case something new had already been made or was in the works. I should know by the end of the week if we can come up with something. Depending on the size of the original sign perhaps we can come up with a smaller sign that say "Anne McCaffrey's Worlds" that would sit above the original sign.
Hi I'm putting up rooms available for Dragon Con.
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